22 agosto 2017

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A shock magnitude 4 earthquake has been reported in Ischia and on the Flegre Coast. Fear in particular among the inhabitants and the many tourists who in this period crowded the island. The towns closest to the epicenter, according to the Ingv, are Forio, Serrara Fontana, Lacco Ameno, Barano d'Ischia and Casamicciola Terme. Several people poured into the street after the shock, followed by a blackout. Numerous calls arrived shortly after the shock at the fire brigade and law enforcement agencies, in action for verifications of possible damage to things or people. According to ENGV's reports, the earthquake was recorded at 20.57 at a depth of 10 km.

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Update - 01.39: Only one dead confirmed by Civil Protection Civil Protection, unlike other sources, confirms only one dead in the Ischia earthquake. 00.26: "Non-normal crashes" "It's not normal that an earthquake of 3.6 causes collapse of buildings and evacuation of hospitals. The causes could be sought in the effects of local seismic amplifications or abusive constructions carried out without any seismic verification": so in a note Egidio Grasso , President of the Order of the geologists of Campania. 00.06: Civil protection confirms a second dead The budget would be two dead and 25 dead. Agi tells about the sources of local civil protection. Live excerpts from rubble instead of a couple and some children. 23.45 "There would be a second dead" SkyTg24 a local civil protection exponent speaks of a second victim, beyond the dead woman in a collapse. The news is not confirmed by the authorities. 23.80: 10 missing, 25 injured A dead old woman, 25 injured, some very serious, at least 10 dispersed between Forio and Casamicciola. This is the provisional budget provided by local authorities after the earthquake. 23.27: "Situation under control" According to a doctor at SkyTg24, the situation in Ischia hospitals is under control. The wounded are a 20in. 23:07. A dead woman in a collapse An elderly woman died at Casamicciola after having been shot dead by the chiea of ​​Santa Maria del Suffragio: this is the first victim found in the earthquake that hit Ischia. It is reported by the law enforcement agencies to the AGI 22.00 The earthquake in Ischia Fear and people in the street in Ischia for a magnitude 3.6 earthquake shake that made the bell island shake at 20.57. In the Ischia Porto area there was also an electric blackout. Many tourists and residents, frightened, have poured out of houses, restaurants and hotels, then the situation as reported by local sources began to slowly return to normal. The most affected part is Casamicciola, the highest part of the island.
=================== e terremoto amatrice vittime numero prossimo terremoto previsto in italia 2017 ingv terremoti lista terremoto cosa aspettarsi terremoto campotosto 1950 cosa prevedono i sismologi dove sono le faglie in italia faglie attive in italia centrale 0000 There are about 600 abusive houses hit by a definitive abatement order in Ischia, while the balance of condemnation practices presented by islanders in the three national laws comes to 27,000. Legambiente says in the Ecomafia 2017 report that it is stated that except for some sporadic demolitions completed in recent years by the judiciary, but also by the owners themselves, "an illegal ecomponent of illegal cement, often built without even paying attention For the security of the inhabitants in an extremely fragile territory. "
Cement, notes the environmental association, "which has been added to concrete spontaneously, occupying and weakening slopes that then, under heavy rain, often surrender, dragging down everything they find on their way." Though slowly, those 600 homes will be demolished, they will not escape, Legambiente observes, warning that "there is no condescension, past, present, or future that can save her." In November 2009, recalled Legambiente, "tragically died a mud-stricken girl in his car and 20 people were injured, in April 2006 a landslide had killed four people, but in 2010 the abusers, mayors, The parish priest, took to the head of a procession of three thousand people to ask for a stop at the bullets sent by the Naples prosecutor. In October 2015, after some 35 years from the commission of the demolition order, Tar of Naples condemned the Ischitan municipality of Serrana Fontana for not having carried out the intervention as well as the owners of the building where the works were carried out without authorization. "

  =============== RAI: DEDICATED PROGRAMMING FOR ANNIVERSARY TERREMOTO # Incredibly strong: from 19 August specials, insights and a spot to keep the spotlight on Central Italy 18/08/2017 - 11:31 One year after the first shocks that struck Central Italy, the story of the earthquake by the heads and the Rai networks continues with a special program dedicated to the memory of the 24 August drama and the difficulties and hopes of reconstruction. The project, led by the Communication Department, also includes the launch of the #Head Summation Strike that will complement all Rai's anniversary initiatives and will remain overprinted on Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai 4 for the entire day of the 24 August. The first date is Saturday, August 19, with Tg1 Dialogue, which will propose an episode on the queue anniversary of the Tg1 edition of 8.00. On Sunday, August 20, earthquake and reconstruction will be at the center of the Special Tg1 - TgR aired at 23.30 on Rai1. On Thursday, August 24, one year after the first shock, One Morning Summer on Rai1 will devote ample space to the earthquake, with connections from Amatrice, Camerino, Campotosto, Castelluccio, Norcia, Arquata Del Tronto, Accumoli. Next, from 10.55 am, the first network will broadcast live, by Tg1, the Holy Mass officiated by Bishop Domenico Pompili. In the afternoon, extensive insights into the recurrence within Live Summer Life (from 3.45 pm). On the same day on Rai2, at 9.40, a Tg2 Special will be dedicated to the earthquake with guests and direct interventions from the crater municipalities. On Rai3 will be aired at 15.00 the TgR Special "One Year From the Earthquake", transmitted regionally in Lazio, Marche and Umbria. The third network will dedicate to the earthquake the first night with the Special Tg3 titled "In memory of the earthquake in Central Italy" aired on 21.10. On Thursday and Thursday, there is a lot of room for the story of the earthquake within the Rainews24 programming. The headline news will start directly from the places of the earthquake starting at 1:30 pm. At 3:36, time of the first shock, the channel will follow the torch in memory of the victims. In the morning, from 8:30 am to 9:00 am, Amatrice will be broadcast live by Director Antonio Di Bella. Next, until 10:00, analysis, opinions and news within "Studio 24" conducted by Roberto Vicaretti. In the afternoon, from 15:00 to 16:00, a special evening by Isabella Romano proposes links from Amatrice and tabs, stories, insights and videos to reconstruct the dramatic moments of shocks. All Rai headlines will devote extensive information coverage to recurrence within the TG. Much nourished programming on Rai Radio1. Already at night, at 3.30, coinciding with the time of the earthquake, the opening of a first information window aired until 4.00. At 6.00, with "6 on Radio1" directed by Amatrice where a Radio1 studio will be set up. All Gr in the morning will have live windows from the locations of the earthquake conducted by Amatrice's studio.
Also "Radio me too", from 8.30 am, will be dedicated to the anniversary and transmitted by the mobile studio. From 10.30 to 12.00 a narrative concert of the earthquake will start: a musical civilianship conducted by Francesco Repice with works by artists such as Samuele Bersani and Niccolò Fabi. To accompany the special programming also a spot created by Creative Directorate, which will broadcast on public service networks starting on August 19th. At the heart of the promo, titled "Stronger Together", the path to reconstruction and hope, shown through the flowering of the plain of Castelluccio and the smiles of the youngest, images of a territory that wants to restart. 0000000 #terremotoischia #Terremoto #Ischia  #Casamicciola #magnitudo4 #2morti 25 #Feriti UrlTube Magazine -