14 ottobre 2016

ArtVerona 2016 ArtProject Fair The 12thedition of Art Verona

 ArtVerona 2016 ArtProject Fair  The 12thedition of Art Verona  

Art Verona 2016 The 12th edition of Art Verona | Art Project Fair is characterized by a cut more and more tailor-made and a renewed commitment to support the art system And 'scheduled from Friday 14 to Monday, October 17, 2016 at VeronaFiere,

the 12th edition of Art Verona | Art Project Fair, the modern and contemporary art fair, with more and more refined selection of galleries and even more focused attention to the world of collecting, through initiatives dedicated to them. The fair aims to be a favorite destination for exhibitors and collectors who are in the attention to the care and quality of the proposals, in the vocation to research and experimentation, in the propensity for talent scouting and support of young talent - be they artists, gallery owners or curators - in the easy accessibility and the attractiveness of the city, a distinctive value. Under the artistic direction of Andrea Burned and strong partnership with ANGAMC - National Association of Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art, the event sees the entry in the staff of Antonio Grulli, art critic who rely on the relationships with collectors through projects Collectors such as Critical Study and Collecting, aimed at bringing art lovers especially to the new generations, and to the most interesting Italian reality.

  ArtVerona 2016 ArtProject Fair  The 12thedition of Art Verona  

The opening talk, What's art for ?, which will Catterina Seia in dialogue with Anna Somers Cocks, Director of The Art Newspaper, and other special guests, to tell what emerged from the investigation that led The Art Newspaper last year in some countries, processing art and asking the most diverse representative interlocutors of the cross disciplines what is art? If you need more? Follow the ArtVeronaTalk appointments, this year entrusted to Adriana Polveroni guide, which will investigate scenarios, perspectives and passions that are the basis of the birth of a collection, with special attention to its public declination and development that in recent times, especially in Italy, it is characterizing this phenomenon, which sent the collector a more active role in the art so as to give rise to related Foundations, for various reasons, to its collection. For the ArtVeronaTalk program click here The marriage of reason and sentiment that moves the collector, is at the heart of the cultural program in the city, this year inspired by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his relationship with the contemporary world. Within the walls of the Museum of Castelvecchio, through The Magic Flute. 16 collectors for an institution, exhibition curated by Andrea Burned, are offered 16 works from different Italian collections, in dialogue with the spaces and exhibition routes reread by Carlo Scarpa.

  ArtVerona 2016 ArtProject Fair  The 12thedition of Art Verona  

Completing this survey Roberto Pugliese. The simple to mock Fresco Museum, Hermann Nitsch and the Theatre Museum at AMO, Raffaella Formenti. Notes in DO lenses in Piazza dei Signori, Cosi fan tutte, which is the school of lovers, an exhibition of video art to Protomoteca the Civic Library. Also, Saturday, Oct. 15, at 20.30, at the Auditorium of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, Master Andrea Cusumano will direct the unreleased "Symphony for Verona" composed by Hermann Nitsch. Art Verona strengthens the dialogue between modern and contemporary undertaken since its debut, through format and theses spaces for research and experimentation, from which emerged the figures of the art system now affrancatesi internationally. Are 120 galleries that choose ArtVerona to consolidate and weave new relationships with collectors, critics, journalists, curators and museum directors, these protagonists of the successful format Level 0. Next to the Section Modern and Contemporary Art and Raw Zone, an area that is home to 12 monographic projects, comes Tangram: a section from the dialectical nature which provides a shared dialogue between the entities involved, an opportunity designed to support the growth of young research galleries, where the fair is an active partner. 16 independent spaces, selected by Cristiano Seganfreddo and hosted at the fair, who wonder about the theme of sharing (sharing economy / art sharing) and 18 the magazines that represent the specialized publishing world, with a display of renewed care 'Moroso company, for years alongside Art Verona. The entry of Catterina Seia, vice president of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, and Mauro De Iorio, collector, in the Committee of Art Verona address, alongside the presence of Giorgio Fasol, Michele Furlanetto, Salvatore Mirabile, Patrizia Moroso and Cristiano Seganfreddo contribute to the growth path event that, as an economic and cultural hub, located in the relationship between art and business one of its specific features, with new formats such as Open Source and cultural Alchemy.

  ArtVerona 2016 ArtProject Fair  The 12thedition of Art Verona  --