20 febbraio 2015

Canzoni segrete, il nuovo album dei Tempi Duri esce il 24 febbraio

Canzoni segrete, il nuovo album dei Tempi Duri esce nei negozi il 24 febbraio.
Tempi Duri return after 30 years of silence with a new album titled

Canzoni segrete
The band of Verona, originally produced by Fabrizio De André for the record label FADO, returns to publish January 27 as well as a disc of unreleased even reprinting of the historic album Call them  Tempi Duri  (remastered) and a box (digital) dedicated to loyal that allows you to download both albums at a special price

Band: TEMPI DURI Carlo Facchini

hard times -  digital box set will contain 21 tracks (12 of the new album Canzoni segrete  and 9 of the old Call them Tempi Duri  REMASTERED) and also contain a digital booklet of 25 pages summarizing the history of the band and will include full digital booklets of 2 album.
The second CD will be ordered as in traditional stores from mid-February.

Venerdi 13 Febbraio la band è ripartita proprio da Verona con 2 spettacoli:
nel pomeriggio alle ore 17:00 in PIAZZA DEI SIGNORI come Special Guests della manifestazione Verona in Love , dove ha presentato 2 brani dedicati all'amore: GIULIETTA e PER TE. A cui, si è aggiunta la storica hit della band TEMPI DURI. 
E dal vivo in un concerto aperto al pubblico organizzato per l'occasione da CINEVERONA (Organizzazione Castings e Selezioni per Cinema e Pubblicità) 
presso la  sala conferenze dell'Hotel Borghetti (Parona VR), appositamente trasformata in auditorium e sala party per festeggiare l'atteso ritorno della band.
L'uscita nei negozi del nuovo album "CANZONI SEGRETE" aviene il  24 febbraio (già scaricabile
in digitale su tutti i Digital Stores dal 27 gennaio), nonchè del cofanetto che comprende l'intera discografia dei TEMPI DURI.

"We have lived for years holed up in the trenches, in a few, far from the way of life that we had unwittingly adopted before. We waited for it to pass the storm, protected by a wall of silence and barbed wire. As Japanese soldiers in World War II, after the day number 1119: no more news. We have reorganized our lives, we have been struggling to feed us, cover us, to think, to learn something. At one point we heard that he had died the big boss. When he fails the shot applies to everyone, not just for your little, but also to other major tribes. You learn that some have buried and others have made a saint. From that moment you realize you do not have anyone behind you, you know you only, go ahead. The reinforcements will not arrive more. There is not current, you can not even know where your brother. Wait, wait, wait until at some point you give up and you decide to continue alone your search.Tempi Duri  cover album Un day you find in the woods of the puppies and make you money. This changes your outlook. Fortunately they discover that the tour starts just ended and looks forward to continuing.
Finally you dedicate exclusively to live, noting absently on a small booklet notes. Sometimes you try to put your head off, why would you want it and why having the puppies have to feed them. But also other human beings that meetings are stunned by a blizzard strong and increasingly senseless.
Better to continue to think and stay hidden, better to wait to have reached the thousand notes, thinking of those who come after you.
The sun is short and time passes slowly in the winter in the mountains. You can hear the crackling fire, you can sometimes hear the ticking of an old clock. The absolute silence you can feel the thickness. Then you realize that your place is a place worth living. "

There are many kinds of love and Tempi Duri  on this record have examined 11: each of them is dedicated to a track of their new work.


The Tempi Duri , band originally produced by Fabrizio De André and Dori Ghezzi for Fado, was born in the first half of the eighties between the cities of Verona (city of three of the four musicians of the band), and Genoa, the birthplace of Cristiano De André.

hard times photoIl old band name, where in addition to Cristiano militated Carlo Facchini (voice and author of almost all the songs), Loby C. Pimazzoni and Marco Bisotto is a tribute to Dire Straits. Both in their first single album in the next Call them Hard Times, Hard Times recorded the song of the same name, an original song in Italian, from a musical standpoint, remembered Sultans of Swing. The Tempi Duri participated as support group, three tours of De André 1982: winter tour, European tour and summer tour of The Indian.
Carlo Facchini met Fabrizio De André in the studio during the recording of the song A wrong story. Took that occasion to sing before Fabrizio songs Hard Times, Queen of Pain, Elena and Thirty Knots (never recorded). He did so despite the left arm injured and bandaged, accompanied on guitar by Massimo Bubola. The performance pushed De Andrè to invite Facchini in Sardinia with him and his son Christian. It was then that sprang up the relationship with Cristiano, then resulted in the birth of Hard Times and with the entry in the project of the eclectic and talented guitarist Loby C. Pimazzoni and drummer Marco Bisotto.
Initially it was also hypothesized a duo Facchini - Cristiano De Andrè, but this hypothesis waned when Fabrizio De André and Dori Ghezzi decided to produce the Tempi Duri with Fado, their record label.
The first album recorded by the group, titled Call them Tempi Duri (1982), was also the only record of a band produced by Fabrizio De Andrè. Because of the difficulty in finding a bass player, was Carlo Facchini to play a four-stringed fretless who was in the studio at the time of the incisions. The album sold 40 thousand copies, an excellent result for the time. The group toured with Fabrizio De André three times. Facchini also participated to a fourth round of concerts with Massimo Bubola. All four tour were dedicated to the disc The Indian and were held from August 18 to September 13, 1981, from 24 January to 21 February, from March 2 to April 24 (the only European tour Fabrizio) and from August 4 to September 7 1982.
De André himself had proposed to them Ravera to participate in Sanremo with the song Hard Times. Having already been admitted, the Hard Times were excluded from the competition at the last minute due to a particular bureaucratic reported by a record label competitor; the non-recording of an album prior to the competition by the deadline of 31 March preceding the event.
Before the album was recorded a 45 rpm with the tracks and Tempi Duri Tempi Duri On a night like this. In the following year, 1983, the four worked with Mauro Pagani on another 45 laps containing Jekyll and Cage.
The Tempi Duri , in addition to playing in more than 100 concerts, they performed in two editions of the Festivalbar and presented their songs in some television broadcasts, including Mr. Fantasy conducted by Carlo Massarini Azzurro 83 of Vittorio Salvetti, Together with Gianni Morandi, Superclassifica Show conducted by Maurizio Seymandi, Discoring with Jocelyn, Sunday music and two episodes of Blitz.
Although the material for the second album had already been composed, Carlo Facchini was forced to leave for the lever. This fact was also a prelude to the dissolution of the project, which took place in July of 1985.
After more than 30 years of almost total blackout (except for a brief reunion of two days at Studio Metropolis for the recording of the song by Carlo Facchini "With our hands"), the Tempi Duri surprisingly resume full activity in 2014, performing three simultaneous outputs in one day: that of the new album Songs Dungeons, the reissue of the historic album Call them Tempi Duri (1982) remastered and publishing digital channel casket Canzoni segrete  Deluxe Edition which includes both albums place January 27, 2015.

Label SAIFAM   -

Canzoni segrete, il nuovo album dei Tempi Duri esce nei negozi il 24 febbraio 

-  Tempi Duri - Lyrics Notti di ansia, atti di dolore / la gente che prega perché nasca una stella / Lo sanno anche i cani disperati della strada / lo sai anche tu dovunque tu viva, dovunque tu vada / Lo leggi e lo scrivi su tutti i muri / Tempi Duri / La stampa non ha gusto e continua a parlare / di una generazione obbligata a sperare / e intanto bambini e soldati senza lavoro / stanno già ripartendo per la caccia al tesoro / Non ti giocheresti un soldo, eppure lo giuri / Tempi Duri / E guardi lontano ma non puoi pregare / non sai se fidarti di chi vive o chi muore / se, quanti anni indietro ho cominciato a sbagliare / o, tra quanti giorni potrò ricominciare / E intanto anche le stelle fanno gli occhi scuri / Se mai finirà sarà sempre tardi / ma non posso, non posso più aspettarti / lo sanno anche i cani disperati e senza gloria / che l'ultimo a saltare in aria passerà alla storia / Sono sogni maledetti per niente sicuri / Tempi Duri Tempi Duri Lyrics - . Wind report Blogspots - WindsreportBlogspots - Winds report Blogspot - #Windsreport Wind report Blogspots - WindsreportBlogspots - #Wind s #report #Blog #spot - WindsreportBlogspot - Blogspot - http://oknotizie.virgilio.it/info/4111cacdcff14403/wind_report_su_windsurf_e_meteo_-_windsreport.blogspot.com.html - #Windreport #Blogspots - #WindsreportBlogspots - #Winds report #Blogspot - #WindsreportBlogspot -tBlogspot - tBlogspot - -

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